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*There are individual differences in effect.

Temporomandibular (jaw) disorders (TMJ / TMD)

I was introduced to a 57-year-old woman who was hospitalized with left temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ /TMD).

This patient had consulted physicians of 2 different Medical college hospital mouth surgical departments for a year for articulatio temporomandibularis treatment.

Though she had undergone the so-called Sprint therapy, since the treatment was not satisfactory she transferred to my care.

There was no abnormality in the occlusal relationship, and considering that she was a 'middle aged' 'woman'.

It was 80 percent sure that the disorder of the balance of the muscular power of the muscles of facial expression and muscles of mastication was a cause and that the muscles could be trained using the "Rehabilitation" of the Patakara® Lip Trainer.

After a month, the sense of incompatibility and noise in the jaw at the time of opening and closing disappeared and she recovered to such an extent that there was no anxiety in her daily life.

After six weeks had passed, the discomfort, which had plagued her for years, had completely disappeared.

Though I was obviously satisfied, the patient's happiness was very great.

Actually, the object of my satisfaction and the patient's happiness were different.

The patient's pleasure was not due to the disappearance of the temporomandibular dysfunction syndrome.

It was because she had lost all the "standing wrinkles" (they are called as "Old age lines" amongst the women and are very disliked) around her mouth.

The patient reasoned that, "strangers do not understand if I kept silent as I could not open my mouth or move my jaw without making a noise which could be heard.

And I could not go out due to these unbecoming wrinkles on my face".

At the time of the first medical examination, I joked lightly to improve the motivation that "I am sorry, but when you use Patakara, its side effects are a face slimming as you will lose some of the skin on the face".

Without forgetting those words, the illness, which was not cured in over 2 years in a University hospital, was cured by a general practitioner.

In case of this patient it was exactly like the "produce an unexpected dividend".

?@*There are individual differences in effect.


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