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*There are individual differences in effect.

Saliva (Drooling) by stroke, bell's palsy and paralysis

When people whose slaver did not stop even after some years of mouth rehabilitation or whose speech was not clear used Lip Trainer Patakara®

Those speech therapists (ST) were surprised to see the improvement of Saliva (drooling) in a short period of about a month of using the device.

The reason is that the Lip Shutting Strength (LSS) of anyone who uses the devices are strengthened and therefore the "slaver is sufficient" becomes natural.

The after effects of cerebral infarction, such as "Saliva"(drooling) etc. disappeared after about a month.

Once, in a certain medical treatment welfare university, during ST training, the students of articulation training of after-trouble patients of cerebral apoplexy of the hospital attached to the university get to practice with the Patakara® Lip Trainer.

All the students and teacher were surprised at first but the 'Saliva'(drooling) of the patient, which did not stop for a number of years, stopped after about roughly one month after the patient improved the use.

A common psychology of persons with disorder is that they want to know "how bad is their status and how far has their result status improved.

What will be my status in the future?" It is shown as an objective numerical value with the Lip De Cum® (measuring device for lip closure strength) and evaluated.

Therefore, if the measured numerical value rises, it is evident that the rehabilitation effect has risen and the after-effect disorder is reduced and it has become self-sustaining.

Lip De Cum® evaluates the advancement of the patient and gives a clear hope to work hard towards the next target.

It cannot be imagined that the patient who was taking out the slaver 2 months ago. (His tongue cannot stretch straightly yet)

*There are individual differences in effect.

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