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Teeth Alignment
Teeth Grinding (Clenching)
Temporomandibular (TMJ)
Alzheimer & Dementia
Bell's palsy (paralysis)
Aspiration Pneumonia
Down Syndrome
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*There are individual differences in effect.

*There are individual differences in effect.

Recovering Process

Process of recovery speed

The following feeds back of actual process of improvement was given by our patients who had done lip-exercise with the device (based on 4 times lip-exercise per day, for 3 min. each; Musn't wear the device during sleep, exercise only)

By the main causes of the effect are below,

  1. Become nose breathing from mouth breathing during sleep (able to keep closing mouth & cure blocked nose.
  2. Increase in sufficient oxygen to body & brain (Elevated root of tongue).
  3. Stimulate & boost parasympathetic nerve & immunity through Lip-exercise (visceral muscle) & deep sleep.
  4. Increase in Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) through Lip-exercise (proved by optical topography).
Chronic disease / symptomsPeriod of timeFactors
1.Stop going toilet (1~3 times) at late nightwithin 2 weeks or earlierBoost parasympathetic / deep sleep
2.Change mouth to nose breathingApprox. 2~3 weeksStrengthening Cheek muscles
3.Improvement bowel movementApprox 2 weeksStimulate parasympathetic through lips
4.Snoring / Sleep Apnea2 weeks~ 6 monthRoot of tongue keep elevating during sleep
5.Decrease in sugar rate in bloodwithin 3 weeks or earlierIncrease in insuring / metabolism
6.Stop Bad breath / bleeding from gumwithin 1 month or earlierBy nose breathing & Saliva during sleep
7.Stop Drooling(saliva) by StrokeApprox. 1 monthIncrease in strength of Lip Closure
8.Stop Mouth ulcer / Sore throat / PhlegmApprox. 1 monthBecome nose breather during sleep
9.Temporomandibular (TMJ) / Teeth grindApprox 1~ 3 monthBalance up facial muscle
10.Boost Immunity=less flue=EczemaApprox. 1~4 monthImmune control during sleep
11.Bellís palsyApprox. 2~3 monthFacial exercise / cerebral blood flow
12.Release Stiff neck (squeeze lips as hard as lips)on the spotLink muscles (face/neck/shoulder)
13.Decrease in HypertensionApprox. 3 month laterDecrease in no of blood platelet
14.Blocked nose (Sinus)Approx. 3 ~ 5 monthsNose breathing / enlarge nasal chamber
15.Alzheimer/Dementia/Down SyndromeApprox.4~6 monthIncrease cerebral blood flow & breathing
16.ApertognathiaApprox. 8 ~ 12 MonthIncrease in lip strength pushing teeth
17.As side effect - Slimming faceApprox. 1~ 2 monthFirming up facial muschels / metabolism
*There are individual differences in effect.

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