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*There are individual differences in effect.

How long have you been suffering from Sleep Apnea, CPAP & Sleep disorders' condition?

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Our device is for radical cure of treatment of Sleep disorder (Sleep apnea) through lip-exercise by yourself. CPAP is prevention of OSA only, so if you switch off the power of CPAP, your breathing will be stopped anytime during sleep that is marked by a difference in, please feel free to contact us for medical question.

OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) Sleep disorder Self-Check

  1. Breathing stops while sleeping
  2. Sleeping upward, it is stifling and cannot sleep
  3. It acts up during sleep
  4. Increased carelessly, mistake and forgetfulness
  5. Concentration does not come out
  6. It will become sleepy shortly after sitting down
  7. There is headache during sleep & waking up
  8. It wakes up repeatedly to a toilet in the night
  9. There is an irregular pulse
  10. It is easy to run to eating disorders
  11. Motivation does not appear in work

The Lip Trainer Patakara® is an effective treatment for not only snoring but also for Sleep Apnea / Sleep disorder.

It is a radical treatment in which the position of the tongue and hyoid larynx is returned to the original condition by strengthening the orbicular muscle of mouth with the device.

As a result, the subsidence in the upper respiratory tract at the root of the tongue during sleep is prevented and the respiratory volume is ensured.

Your problem can be solved when you have certain strength of lip closure.

*There are individual differences in effect.

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