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Eyesight Restoration Training
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*There are individual differences in effect.

Huge Advantages of Nose Breathing
The following symptoms are acquired due to nose breathing.

Symptoms in the mouth
1. At the time of waking up

  1. Throat and lips do not become dry.
  2. No throat ache.
  3. The phlegm does not get caughtin the throat.
  4. The mouth is not sticky.

2. At the time of brushing teeth

  1. There is no bleeding of the gums.
  2. There is no swelling in the gums.
  3. There is no dental tartar.
  4. The teeth are always white and feeling is fresh.

3. There is no possibility of stomatitis
4. The worrisome bad breath disappears
5. Snoring is gone

Nasal symptoms
1. No sniffles
2. The snoring was stopped.

­ Symptoms of the skin.
1. Dry skin disappears.
2. Skin does not itch.
3. Due to enriched skin, make-up is easy.
4. The contagious eczema is rectified.
5. The symptoms of atopic dermatitis and the palm and soles bouton syndrome is cured or improved
6. The progress of the symptoms of the chronic rheumatics stopped.

Whole body symptoms
1. The stiff shoulder discomfort ends.
2. Number of times of visiting toilet while sleeping is reduced.
3. No more headaches at the time of getting up and when going to sleep.
4. Daytime drowsiness disappears. (The can coffee syndrome is rectified.)
5. There is a refreshing feeling when getting up.
6. Nighttime high blood pressure disappears.
7. No more irregular pulse.
8. Can sleep on one's back, as there is no restlessness during sleep.
9. In the children, Bedwetting and nightmares at the time of sleeping disappears.
10. Can wake up sleeping on one's back.

*There are individual differences in effect.


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