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*There are individual differences in effect.

How to Stop Menopause Dramatically and Alternatively

It is said that female hormone secreted a cup of teaspoon during woman-lifetime.

It should be considered that menopausal disorder occurs when sympathetic and parasympathetic balance can't be maintained rather than increase female hormone by injection.

So how can we maintain autonomic nervous equally?

1. Let close mouth naturally in asleep and awake by strengthen lip closure (facial expression muscles) force by daily exercise for 3 minutes each and 4 times per day with a Patakara® Lip Trainer as follow.

2. Change mouth breathing into nose breathing involuntary within 2 weeks and secure airway, not to block by root of tongue with gravity to prevent shortage of oxygen, snoring, sleep apnea, dry mouth, sore throat, bad breath, insomnia and shallow sleep as well.

3. And also change sleeping posture naturally from asleep in sideway to face up by stop sending signal from brain not to choke airway as 2.
In terms of child or baby stops turning on the bed 360 degree automatically.

4. Take 100% of oxygen with facing up ceiling in asleep without thinking, let brain rest deeply and sleep peacefully without going to bath room in late night, having stiff neck and shoulder as well as numbness in an arm.

5. Eventually, autonomic nerves (sympathetic and parasympathetic) get balanced and immunity can be boosted.
If brain can't get rest with sufficient oxygen in asleep, immunity and autonomic nerve system never improve properly.

Imagine that we have no problem, even stop drinking water, taking food or nutritional supplement for some days, but our life is in danger if we can't take oxygen (air) in a couple minutes.

Sufficient oxygen impact on many chronic diseases much more than what we think.

*There are individual differences in effect.



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