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*There are individual differences in effect.

The secret of firming the face muscles : Slimming face

When someone become older than 35, the muscles and skin begins the aging period, and the person becomes less confident about themselves.

The aging process is slow, and noticeable.

At the start you'll feel the loosening in your cheeks; the facial lines will become very noticeable.

Wrinkles from sleeping take a long time to disappear.

These wrinkles add up and the loosening around the cheeks and face can be easily seen.

When you look in the mirror, you notice your skin is no glow and resilience.

Your image has become old.

Sometimes when you compare your old photos, you'll greatly miss the beautiful and youthful self.

Firming the face is not a dream again.

The effects of gravity and aging make your face look unbearable and old.

It will also look older than you are.

Some people solve these problems by going on a diet, but this can lead to malnutrition, which affects the health.

Some people also undergo plastic surgery but there are changes involved.

Patakara - Lip Trainer counteracts the aging on the skin and not only safe, but is also effective.

Normally the treatment is only for the surface, but the new Patakara - Lip Trainer's special design not only treats the surface muscles, it also can treat the depth muscles of orbicularis, buccal, neck and mylohyod.

It can treat all the muscles which results in strengthening of the muscles, balance with fantastic results.

This not only extends the youthful look but also revitalize the muscles.

When this happens the face looks firmer and defined.


Continued Lip-training 4 times per day, for 3 minutes each

Before After 30 days
60 years old

*There are individual differences in effect.

Although her chief complaints was arrhythmic and snore, in about 10 days after using “Lip trainer Patakara®”, it is significant improvement on her snoring.

As you notice of her face that difference became slimmer. (Televised on Japanese TV program “TV as hard as possible” on 21 December 2000)

*There are individual differences in effect.

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