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*There are individual differences in effect.

Stop Dry Mouth and Sore Throat within 2 weeks or earlier.

What is cause of Dry mouth and Sore throat?

People have a tendency to relax the muscles during a shallow sleep and to open the mouth.

And saliva evaporates physically through mouth and start suffering from dry mouth.

Cause of Sore throat is when the throat inflamed with bacteria due to shortage of saliva, mucous membranes are destroyed and the nerve is stimulated, and then throat feel pain.

How to stop Dry mouth / Sore throat?

Let?fs strengthen lip closure strength = firm up facial expression muscles by using a Patakara(R) lip trainer for 3 minutes each and 4 times per day to change mouth breathing to nose breathing naturally.

In the result, people used to stay open mouth (=mouth breathing) either in asleep or awake will stop mouth breathing involuntary and stay close mouth (= nose breathing) without thinking within 14 days.

Eventually, lips seal mouth completely not to evaporate saliva that moisten inside mouth and throat naturally.

Actually saliva has strong ability to kill those bacteria, if mouth stay closing in asleep without thinking by nose breathing, inflammation on the throat will be gone, as the result, both Dry mouth and Sore throat go away easily upon lips seal saliva to regain original function to wash up germ.

Think of dogs and cats heal their wound by licking with tongue and wash it up with their saliva, that?fs action on the truth. They learn antimicrobial effect of saliva by osmoses.

In case of human being, even the inflammation by bacterial on gum, tonsil and swelling in the mouth are gone, if we could keep closing mouth by nose breathing in asleep and awake.

So why not stop Dry mouth and Sore throat as well as bleeding from gum, enlarge tonsil, mouth ulcer and bad breath by strengthening facial expression muscles (= Lip Closure Strength / Force) by daily exercise for 3 minutes each and 4 times per day with Patakara(R) lip trainer.


*There are individual differences in effect.


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