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*There are individual differences in effect.

*There are individual differences in effect.

Flu & Common cold

If you can chage mouth brathing to nose breathing during sleep, it may be incredible for you to believe following result, it hardly get Flu & Common cold by improving immunity and cut down bacteria directly to mouth/throat.

When you breathe through the mouth, there is a decrease in the flow rate of saliva or dryness is produced inside the mouth. The Waldeyer's Ring (Pharynx Lymph Ring) will become weak tissue and when inflammation is caused by the dryness it does not adequately demonstrate the same functions and gives rise to bacillus reproduction or decrease in immunity in the same parts and thus cold is easily caught. Due to the Lip Trainer Patakara®, the mouth is closed at the time of sleeping in the night and thus there is a decrease in Flue & Common cold.

*There are individual differences in effect.


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