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*There are individual differences in effect.

Baby Liptrainer Installation Manual

Adjust Baby Lip Trainers's air hole and the air hole at feeding bottle's nipple together, and Ensure that it fits both nipples properly each other. To be used just like a normal feeding bottle's nipple

Baby Lip Trainer & Feeding Bottle's Nipple (Pigeon product) Put a Baby Lip Trainer into the nipple. Fit the position of air hole at Lip Trainer & nipple correctly

?It is similar to breast-feeding, milk do not leak even when the bottle is placed upside -down


  • 2 pcs (S-Soft : 1 piece / M-Hard : 1 piece)
    Firstly using : S-Soft, after getting used to: M-Hard
  • To be used with feeding bottles Pigeon products only. (Fits all sizes)
  • Once the product is opened, kindly wash the nipples before use, for just in case.


  • Please wash and disinfect product before use.
  • Please keep out of reach from children.


  • Please use warm water to disinfect and liquid detergent to wash the product and the nipple after use.
  • Please drain off all the water after washing and disinfecting before using.

To bring about healthier living, start your child on lip-muscles training
When the lip-muscles are weak, these symptoms may occur:

Snoring, Bad Breath, Coughing, Dry Skin, Crying at night, Sucking the thumb, Tooth decay, Salivating, Flu, Asthma, Sleeping on the face, Sleeping sideways etc…

Baby breathing through her mouth sleeps sideways or on the face. Sleeping with the mouth closed is the evidence of good health

Baby Trainer's Mechanism
It is similar to breast-feeding; the drawing thru action from the nipple is reproduced into that of a feeding bottle's nipple.

When the baby does not use their lip-muscles strength to suck from the feeding bottle's nipple, the liquid in the bottle will not flow out.

As compared to the ordinary feeding bottle's nipple, Baby Lip Trainer when fixed into the feeding bottle's nipple does not allow the liquid to leak even when you placed the bottle upside-down. Only by squeezing on the Baby Lip Trainer's nipple with your finger, the liquid will then flow out. Just like breast-feeding, you can now feel safe that you are raising your child healthily, as long as you have Baby Lip Trainer.

Start the training now! In just 10-14 days, the symptoms improved!
*Results may varies

Breathing through the mouth can do a lot of harm and it can be difficult to change this habit. To bring about healthier living, it is important to start your child's lip-muscles training from young. If this is done, it will save the mother from many child-raising problems.

The child does not just suck at the mother's nipple during breast-feeding only. The mouth fits the shape of the nipple, gathers the milk and suck at it. This action could be correctly applied to the feeding bottle's nipple too. The opening of the feeding bottle's nipple is dependent on the lip-sucking motion, and while the milk is being drunk, it becomes a repeated stretching movement. Unknowingly, it is actually helping your child develop his biting power.


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