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Instructions (Lip Excercise)
Lip Closure Strength
Bad Breath (Halitosis)
Blocked Nose (Sinus)
Common Cold (Flu)
Cough Phlegm (Chronic)
Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
Face Slimming
Insomnia Anxiety
Mouth Breathing
Nose Breathing
Sleep Apnea (OSAS)
Teeth Alignment
Temporomandibular (TMJ)
Alzheimer & Dementia
Bell's palsy (paralysis)
Aspiration Pneumonia
Down Syndrome
Other Effects
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*There are individual differences in effect.

Baby Liptrainer

Baby Lip Trainer is a tool to prevent symptoms caused by breathing through the mouth. Just fix into the feeding bottle's nipple only. You can reuse it many times. If the lips are not closed to suck from the bottle, the milk will not flow through. Just like breast-feeding, you can now feel safe that you are raising your child healthily, as long as you have Baby Lip Trainer.

A healthy present from a mother to her baby.

Under-developed muscles have bad influences to the body. When the muscles of the lips are weak, they have bad influences to the body and result in the habit of breathing through the mouth.

  • Improvements in symptoms:
  • Crying at night
  • Sucking the thumb
  • Salivating
  • Wetting the bed
  • Sleeping on the face
  • Sleeping sideways
  • Snoring
  • Asthma
  • Tooth-Decay
  • Bad Breath
  • Flu
  • Dry Skin



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