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Bad Breath (Halitosis)
Blocked Nose (Sinus)
Candida Albicans (Fungal)
Common Cold (Flu)
Cough Phlegm (Chronic)
Dry Lips (Chapped Lips)
Dry Mouth (Sore Throat)
Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
Eyesight Restoration Train'g
Face Slimming
Insomnia Anxiety
Mouth Breathing
Nocturnal Enuresis (Urin)
Nose Breathing
Posture (Sleeping Posture)
Sleep Apnea (OSAS)
Teeth Alignment
Teeth Grinding (Clenching)
Temporomandibular (TMJ)
Alzheimer & Dementia
Bell's palsy (paralysis)
Aspiration Pneumonia
Down Syndrome
Other Effects
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*There are individual differences in effect.

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1 year 10 months old boy

Before usage

14 days after usage

He was salivating, sucking on his thumb, and breathing through the mouth.

By the 3rd day, he was sleeping face up.

By the 4th day, his nose-breathing became stronger.

However, he was still sucking on his thumb.

His mouth is closed when sleeping.

He is still salivating, but not as much as before.

11 months old boy

Before usage

14 days after usage

He was sleeping face-down, and couldnít sleep soundly. He was also salivating, had atopy, and sleep with his mouth opened.

He can sleep facing upwards soon after, and doesnít wake up so often at night. His mouth can close now, and the atopy is improving.

1 year 9 months old girl

Before usage

12 days after usage

She couldnít drink much because of the nipple initially, but managed to get used to it by the 5th day.

On the 8th day, she was sleeping with her face upwards during the afternoon nap. She now can maintain this posture with her mouth closed in her sleeps and naps.

8 months old boy

Before usage

10 days after usage

He was sleeping face down with his mouth opened. He also had bad breath.

After 4 days, he could sleep facing upwards.

After 5 days, his breath improved.

He now sleeps facing upwards and with his mouth closed.

8 years old boy

Before usage

14 days after usage

He complained that it was hard to drink, that his mouth was tired, etc. But he got used to it after just 4 days, and he can now close his mouth for longer periods of time.

His mouth was opened while sleeping till now. But from the 12th day, his mouth could close during sleep, even after changing position.

9 months old boy

Before usage

13 days after usage

He hated the milk and stopped drinking from the bottle after 2 days.

I got him on barley tea and juice.

From the 12th day, his mouth could close while sleeping.

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